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Ideal Breast - Breast Implants in Kansas City

What is the Ideal Breast?

Smaller or larger? Full cleavage or subtle cleavage? Pendulous or perky? More fullness in the upper pole or the lower pole?

Certainly, a matter of opinion. However, among patients presenting for a breast augmentation, there is a consensus. Most women prefer more fullness in the top part of the breast. This is despite the fact that the normal breast typically is fuller in the lower pole. We should not be too surprised, in view of the purpose of bras and corsets before bras, meant to augment the upper poles of the breast. Few, if any, Greek statues portray a sagging or deflated breast! Most women prefer larger breast sizes over smaller sizes. Of course, too much of anything can be detrimental, by definition, and very large breasts are undesirable to most women. The desired breast shape is parabolic in the upper pole, the shape of an umbrella held forward, and semicircular in the lower pole. Loss of fullness in the upper pole and excessive sagging of the lower pole are common complaints and universal ones, regardless of age, race, or culture.

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