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Buttock Augmentation - BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS

All photographs are of actual patients of the Swanson Center and show actual results. Photographs have not been artificially enhanced. All testimonials are actual statements made by these patients. Patients are presented youngest to oldest.

A.H. (Age 32) - House cleaning
Procedure: Buttock Augmentation
Description: Ultrasonic liposuction of abdomen and flanks. Fat injection of buttocks.
Children 2
Height 5'3"
Before Weight 140.5 lbs.
After Weight 142 lbs.
Clothing Size Before
Clothing Size After
BMI 24.8
Fat Injection Volume 320 cc per buttock
Volume 1150 cc
Before, 6 mos. after
Before, 6 mos. after
Comments: This 32-year-old Hispanic patient was very close to her ideal body weight. She wanted to improve her buttock fullness. She underwent fat transfer, using the abdomen and flanks as donor sites. After surgery, she has an enviable body shape, which she said looked great in tight-fitting clothes. Her figure no longer looks squared-off from behind. Her curves are accentuated. She said her husband was also appreciative of the enhancement.

M.M. (Age 33)
Procedure: Buttock Augmentation
Description: Ultrasonic Liposuction of Abdomen, Flanks, and Inner Thighs. Fat Injection of Buttocks.
Children 2
Height 5' 5"
Before Weight 128
After Weight 132
Clothing Size Before
Clothing Size After
BMI 20.9
Fat Injection Volume 100cc per Buttock/Touchup:40cc per Buttock
Volume 1600cc/Touchup:580cc
Before, 1 yr. after (9 mos. after touch-up)
Before, 1 yr. after (9 mos. after touch-up)
Comments: This 33 year-old Asian female wished to have a more pleasing shape. Despite her best efforts and an ideal body weight, she had been unable to lose extra fullness in the flanks. She requested fuller buttocks.

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