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What is a "Facelift"?

Gwendolyn Godfrey - Monday, April 17, 2017

As you are researching a facelift in Kansas City, and the prices associated with it, start first by truly understanding the procedure. A facelift remains one of the most effective and popular procedures used by cosmetic surgeons to provide true facial rejuvenation, especially when combined with other procedures such as forehead lifts, eyelid rejuvenation, fat injection and laser skin resurfacing. When a facelift is properly performed, it can do wonders, and there is no substitution, regardless of other advertised procedure’s claims. The facelift is a technically difficult procedure to perform, and results can vary greatly from surgeon to surgeon. It is critical that the surgeon is skilled and experienced. The facelift is the hallmark of a cosmetic surgeon’s anti-aging capabilities. It is a complex procedure that, like rhinoplasty, can never be fully mastered. There is little margin for error, and the surgeon must bring his or her A-game to the table.

A properly performed facelift in Kansas City, will not result in a totally different look, nor will it make someone in their 50s look like someone in their 20s, a fact which patients usually find comforting. Instead, a facelift reverses many of the effects of time and gravity on the face, such as sagging skin, jowls, and deep wrinkles. Patients feel that after surgery they look similar to old photographs of themselves. Family and friends may not even realize that any procedure was done, but comment that they just look really good.

In addition to the proper technique for elevating facial tissues, the “deep-plane” facelift, we now recognize that other signs of aging benefit from treatment, including changes in the skin surface, such as brown spots and wrinkles, and loss of facial volume. These changes of aging have largely been overlooked by plastic surgeons in the past but fortunately we now have the technology to effectively treat these changes with the use of laser skin resurfacing and fat injection.

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