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Facelift Pricing

Gwendolyn Godfrey - Wednesday, June 21, 2017

When considering facelift prices, it is important to understand that all facelifts are not equal, explaining the variety in facelift prices in Kansas City. Proper training and experience of the cosmetic surgeon are essential. Dr. Eric Swanson of the Swanson Center in Kansas City specializes exclusively in cosmetic surgery, including facelifts, and has been in practice over 25 years.

Unlike some operations, such as a breast augmentation, a facelift is often done in combination with other cosmetic procedures, which explains why cosmetic surgery prices can be so variable. The exact combination of procedures depends on your priorities and your expectations.Some operators offer a "minilift," which takes less time to perform, and may be less expensive, but also provides less benefit. Dr. Swanson believes that the result should not be compromised. He offers a more effective deep-plane facelift using limited scars. The tension is placed on the deep connective tissue layer, not the skin, avoiding a pulled-back look. Patients have their cake (hidden incisions) and eat it too (a more effective, lasting, and natural-looking result.)

Although the price for each procedure is similar from patient to patient (for example, a facelift costs $6500), the price for surgery depends on the combination chosen. After all, individuals' needs are different. After your consultation with Dr. Eric Swanson, you will know the exact price. At the Swanson Center, the price always includes anesthesia and the use of our on-site Surgery Center of Leawood, so there are no surprises. There is no substitute for a face-to-face consultation, and this is done in an unhurried visit with plenty of before-and-after photos available for your review.

Dr. Eric Swanson understands that you may have concerns regarding other signs of aging. Patients often wish to take advantage of other tools that complement their overall appearance. The Swanson Center offers the full range of options including the popular laser skin resurfacing to treat aging and sun-damaged skin, and fat injections to restore lost facial volume.

Price is a concern of course, but must be considered in the context of value. The Swanson Center is cost-conscious in pricing. Dr. Swanson emphasises safety, surgical expertise, and a competitive price. The surgery center is on-site, allowing better cost containment and maximizing value.

A concern for many prospective patients in Kansas City and elsewhere, in addition to facelift prices, is scarring. The scar must be minimized so that the trade-off remains highly favorable. Dr. Swanson limits the length of his facelift scars so that they are well-concealed and patients can wear their hair up or back, which is the true test of a facelift scar. The Swanson Center conducted a survey of its facelift patients to determine the impact of Dr. Eric Swanson's scar reduction techniques. The results were impressive:

  • 98% of patients were satisfied with their facelift scars
  • 97% reported that the results met or exceeded their expectations
  • 87% reported a positive reaction from others
  • 83% reported an improvement in self-esteem 
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